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Subjective interpretation of the architectonic complex:
The ruins of Teotihuacan

by Hugo Mendizabal Suarez

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This article was born from a visit to the ruins of Teotihuacan, in the year 1993 in the company of my son Juan Carlos, with purely tourist like intentions, but with the intention of penetrating some of the motives that moved the builders of these structures. The surprise came when we found certain symbolic indications that, upon discussion, led us to an explanation that included the whole architectonic complex and which had an internal coherence (all this of course according to our opinion).

Before continuing, I would like to point out that the subjective character of this so called interpretation doesn’t necessarily mean that it is false. Instead it means that it has no direct relationship with any standard archeological theory within my knowledge. In addition I have no academic training in archeology or in mystical matters so if mistakes are found anywhere please have the kindness to excuse me.

Foundations for the Interpretation

A - In accordance with orthodox belief, spiritual advancement is defined as negative if it increases the isolation of the individual and as positive if it increases the consciousness of the unity of all things, of Unique Being, God, etc, decreasing in this way the sense of "I".

Towards the left we can find the "dark side of the force" , if we express ourselves following the language of Star Wars. This development does not lead to the resolution of the basic enigma of life, which is to say, the understanding of God, instead it increases the illusion of individual existence.

Both directions constitute an advancement since they add to your consciousness of the spiritual world.

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B- It is our opinion that the pyramid form symbolizes the process of SELF KNOWLEDGE, since the stairs as they climb get closer and closer to the apex of the pyramid and because of the logic of the form the width of the section of the pyramid decreases and the visual field (your view of what lies below) increases, because of the increase in height.
The mass of the pyramid is what obstructs the complete vision and it produces four panorama (one for each side of the pyramid) except at the top where the four landscapes are united into one, producing an explosion of freedom. Due to this phenomenon we interpret the mass of the pyramid as a symbol for the "I", which diminishes as the seeker advances spiritually.

C- From the previous statements we arrive at the basic architectonic criteria, from which we derive an interpretation for each element of the architectonic complex. The panoramic vision from any point in the complex establishes the stage of spiritual development that has been reached at that point.
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The Architectonic complex and its Symbols

The architectonic complex of Teotihuacan possesses a basic axis around which it is constructed. This axis is constituted on one end by a plaza where the BALL GAME was played. This is the lowest point on the axis. From the plaza a paved path emerges, which is significantly called THE PATH OF THE DEAD ( in the esoteric language mechanical people are considered dead). This path has two characteristics:
  1. It is paved, like a modern street, which means that it was built to sustain a lot of traffic ( many are called . . . )
  2. It has a slight slope upwards, which indicates a minimal spiritual advancement
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The PATH along its whole length is limited on both sides by two walls that surpass it in height by approximately three meters, which determines that the only line of sight available is forward. On the PATH at either side and at certain intervals there are stairways that lead away from the PATH. These stairways climb to the top of the walls and then lead down to the natural unpaved terrain.

At the end of THE PATH OF THE DEAD there is another plaza at the center of which is an altar. If we continue further to the other side of the plaza we find the PYRAMID OF THE MOON. According to standard archeological theory this pyramid was devoted to the priests. This completes the main axis that was mentioned earlier.
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Towards the left of this axis there is no notable structure. To the right on the other hand we find THE PYRAMID OF THE SUN, which was devoted to the Kings. This indicates that knowledge in a negative form (the left hand path) doesn’t lead you anywhere. Instead towards the right there is the possibility of achieving enlightenment, if you reach the top of the pyramid.

In accordance with what was said before you will have taken note that within these ruins you can observe the desire to maintain eternally a total portrait of the different degrees of spiritual development and their internal relationship. And I believe it is a faithful portrait of our time as will be seen in the exposition that follows.

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We begin with a description of the BALL GAME. This is basically similar to a game of basketball except the feet and the forearms are used instead of the hands. The ball is made of solid rubber which symbolizes the head of a human being and the scoring is done by passing the ball through the hoop by hitting it.

This represents the common world where there is no visible spiritual development and for this reason people are induced to act in certain ways through pressure (education, advertisements, violence, etc). This plaza is appropriately placed in the lowest point in all of the ruins and for this reason the visible panorama is most limited.

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From this plaza the PATH OF THE DEAD emerges which has a very slight slope up wards and has the characteristic that even though the height is slightly increasing there is no increase in vision due to the two 3walls that surround it. This focuses the vision on the plaza of the altar which is to say it focuses it on the priests.

In the center of this new plaza we find the altar which is the final point that the congregation can reach. It is to be understood that behind the altar only the priests were allowed and so they were the only ones with access to THE PYRAMID OF THE MOON. The reference to the moon corresponds to the diffused light which is a symbol for intuition, which is so important in spiritual development. From this we deduce that the possibilities for spiritual development for the congregation of an organized religion are practically nil unless they become priests or ministers or they leave the path, which is to say the religion.

Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to climb this pyramid so we will only mention it briefly. It’s height even though it is tall is notably inferior to the height of the PYRAMID OF THE SUN and the stairs have the same width all the way from the bottom to the top.

At certain intervals along the PATH OF THE DEAD there are little stairways in both directions that climb to the top of the walls that surround it and then lead down to the natural terrain around the ruins.

Towards the left there is no significant structure which expresses the "dark side of the force". The characteristics of this zone are: liberation from religion together with a complete unconsciousness toward the Self and thus no significant vision. On the other hand on the right side (the Light side of the Force) the characteristic is the consciousness of the Self. The Light destroys the "I" and so in this zone we find the PYRAMID OF THE SUN, in which we find a sequence of symbols and indications to help us reach the maximum spiritual development.

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THE PYRAMID OF THE SUN has a dimension of 225 meters at its base and 63 meters of height, an enormous mountain of stone and mud. The side which faces the PATH OF THE DEAD has at its center a smaller two-sided pyramid. At either side of this small pyramid there are ruins of two passageways where we could see the remains of structures that had the purpose of holding up a roof. This means that there were two dark parallel tunnels on the side which we just mentioned. At the end of these tunnels is the beginning of two steep stairways. The steps of these stairs are very narrow but very tall. The construction of these stairways forced you to climb them looking sideways and due to the height of the steps it feels easier to climb them in a serpentine manner. This could be interpreted as meaning that, "The processes of the ‘I’ must be understood and this understanding will lead towards transformation; you shouldn’t try to change these processes following a certain model, through the action of Will" (Krishnamurti). This is an indirect (or serpentine) way of facing a problem in which you avoid all pressure both towards others and towards yourself. This is one of the basic teachings without which there is no possible hope.

These stairways, located at the end of dark tunnels, are seen as surrounded by light and they are both the way to climb to the first level of the PYRAMID OF THE SUN and the way to climb to the secondary pyramid which we find on this side. This secondary pyramid represents the illusion of having reached the top when one is only at the beginning of the work. Even though it is of low height it gives the impression of reuniting the vision of three directions. In reality seen from the point of view of THE PYRAMID OF THE SUN the view from this secondary pyramid is of only one side

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THE PYRAMID OF THE SUN is made up of seven levels which coincide with the seven chakras of Hindu culture. These are like great steps of approximately seven meters of height and they are united on the frontal side by a central stairway of approximately four meters of width.. They are united on the rest of the perimeter by a narrow pathway and by a steeply inclined plane f4rom which great stones emerge. These stones look like thorns and represent the danger of independent (or solitary) spiritual advancement (outside of the main stairway). This contrasts with the ease of advancing up the main stairway which represents the Help of spiritual teachers. This stairway is constituted by steps that also need to be climbed indirectly, the same as the smaller stairways at the bottom.

This is the same in all the planes except the fifth one where the stairway disappears and there is a series of holes or cavities which one must hold onto to climb and everywhere else in the perimeter the surface is vertical. This indicates that at this level one can only pass through this one with the help of the teachers and only through the path of the stairway. This level corresponds to the throat chakra (which represents the ability to communicate) and the difficult pathway connects the heart chakra with the throat chakra.

As you climb up the pyramid you experience a more extensive panorama, but not only that, the four visions of the four sides of the pyramid get closer to each other as the sides of the pyramid contract. This slowly prepares you for the sensation of Freedom which you experience when you reach the top and you see the valley at your feet. This represents the ecstasy due to "understanding", "knowledge" or "enlightenment".

I hope that what has been expressed has been able to transmit to you the impressions that the ruins of Teotihuacan caused in me. I also hope to have shown a glimpse of the possibility of achieving an architectonic language that materializes and symbolizes spiritual principles and processes.

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