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What is The Game?

It is an ancient technology that creates situations where the player has an opportunity to experience life with a renewed and increased sensitivity. The routines of our lives build a body of habits that do not allow us to experience life to its fullest. It is necessary to first observe and then break down these routines in order to  have an answer to the question: what does it mean to be alive?

Who are we?

We are a group dedicated to set the stage for those who are interested in experiencing life. What in the movie took several weeks to accomplish, takes a lot longer in reality, but the results are extraordinary. The main form of payment is time and effort and a willingness to open yourself to previously unknown territories.

"I was blind

but now I see"

San Francisco Group Offers The Real Game
(and the Media notices)

A group calling itself The Bardo Training Center of the Bay Area has created a media buzz as of late. With articles in Premiere Magazine (December 1997 issue), the huge German magazine Focus and a radio interview on Chicago’s infamous "Morning Madness with Mancow" radio show on WRCX, these guys are generating some real attention.

What’s the buzz about? Well it seems they saw the recently released movie The Game (now available on video) and saw a clear parallel between the work they do and what was portrayed in the movie. Seizing upon the idea of handing out fliers, which  offer the Real Game to movie goers exiting the movie, has resulted in a burst of curiosity about what it is these people are doing.

Juan Carlos, founder of the Center, recently commented in an interview with the WRCX shock jock Mancow: " In The Game, Michael Douglas is catapulted onto the fast path of evolution.This path shocks him toward the real world in only a few days,   a stunning transformational feat. What we offer is a similar process but one that extends over  a lot more time. This  'game' has been offered over and over across the history of mankind. At the Bardo Training Center we are offering this Game, the Real Game, here and now in San Francisco."

Although movie goers have been slow to respond to the Real Game ( "the movie was real enough" said one viewer)  there is no doubt that the media is paying attention to a small group of people with a knack for grabbing the public eye.

How can you contact us?

Here is an invitation.....
Just click on the link to the right!

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