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Mal de Ojo

There is a well-known disease in Latin America called mal de ojo, or "evil eye." This ailment afflicts infants, causing diarrhea, vomit, colic, and dehydration; and it is caused by looking at the child. That’s it, simply looking. The out of control, unconscious energy of the adult is readily absorbed by the sensitive child, and as the reverberation settles down, all kinds of perturbations are created in the infant’s body.

There are two basic preventive measures that can be taken to avoid mal de ojo. One can tie a red ribbon around the child’s wrist or ankle; or one can make every person who admires, or simply stares at, the child hold him/her, even if for only a few seconds. The red ribbon holds the attention of the onlooker, distracting his/her gaze from the child. Holding the child closes the energy flow, creating a mini-circuit by which the energy put forth involuntarily by the adult is returned.

Much energy is sent out by our attention. In the low vibrational energy level in which the machine’s automatic attentional level is carried we waste energy, slowly yet constantly. This is why going to Disneyland is so tiring. It is not the standing around and the walking. You can get energized from walking and standing still, many Zen meditations are conducted in this manner. The tiredness comes from the unconscious and indiscriminate way in which the visual attention is pulled from one place to the next. At the end of the day, we have sent energy waves all over the place with nothing but junk coming back into the system.

How does this happen? The waste occurs when, in the midst of our daily comfortable dreamy activity, we see an object, a scene, or a person. We send energy there through our attention. At the same time, of course, we do receive energy from that which we see. These sense impressions are bursts of light that are received by us in more or less the same way we receive food. Ok, that’s clear enough. But, why should that operation create energy waste?

Energy should be going and coming in order to close the circuit, hence creating a synergetic state of affairs whereby the movement of energy keeps increasing in flow intensity and in rate of vibration. When we look at an object with the attention of the machine, we send a low-level vibration that is barely absorbed by the object. This energy cannot come back to us, especially if we have already moved on to the next attraction. We see a flower with minimal attention. The flower then cannot reflect much energy back to us. Moreover, when we see the flower we don’t see the flower but merely our dreams, concepts, and experiences. We are constructing our feeble perception out of dead material from the past. And we cannot command their resurrection. Our mind chatter creates, then, a barrier that impedes the energy flow to go from our attention to the flower.

This same barrier obstructs the flow of energy coming from the flower. Thus, our perceptions of its color, its beauty, its changing nature are weak and empty. We don’t grow with this food; this is perceptual fast feeding. If we are able to cleanse the lens, remove the barrier, we then are capable of impregnating the flower with the force of the essential being’s attention. The machine, at the same time, becomes capable of receiving the nourishing sense impressions given by the flower.

But the beauty of this circuit comes when we wait just a little longer. We perceive the flower in silence, without the mind closing us out of the present. We, in turn, impregnate the flower with our attentional energy. Then, we wait for that energy to come back. This way, the energy cycle is complete. This is nourishment, indeed!

But this circuit is barely enough to create a more or less steady flow of energy. It is sufficient for nourishment and maintenance. One could be interested, however, in a type of energy circuit that is also a tool for the transformation of the self. The energy flow capable of doing this would have to be able to gather momentum while containing itself, creating thus a lively flow of energy that is useful for transformational work.

The transformational flow of energy can be produced by a simple technique given a very long time ago. This technique produces a conscious shock into the system, incorporating both a purifying factor which further refines the energy circulated, and a resistor which accumulates the excess of energy while releasing bursts of energy in subsequent cycles --creating, in effect, a self propelling dynamo.

Here is the technique: first, you remove the mental barrier created by habits of worrying, categorizing, thinking about the past or the future, distracting the attention, believing or disbelieving, and identifying your thoughts and expectations with the present object of your attention. We have a machine that has been designed to do that for you, but we are in the process of securing the patent before releasing it to the public. In the meantime, you can contact the editors of this newsletter for more information on simple techniques to achieve this observational stage. Second, you place your full attention on anything at all. It can be a flower, a sunset, the eyes of your lover, the picture of you child, your belly button, this article. Anything. Third, wait. Allow the energy to begin to circulate. You’ll know this step has been accomplished when you get the sensation of being in communion with the object of your observation (which can be also felt as being alone with the object, or inside a bubble, or floating, or in many other ways in which the common denominator is that something seems to have changed around you). Fourth, observe yourself in the process of observation. Place your attention on your self. It is as if you are looking at yourself looking at the object of your attention. This process is called ‘apperception’. We haven’t yet developed an apparatus to help you with this step. We have tried, but the process is so simple that any machine thus far has been unable to reproduce it. It is this last application of apperception the element which allows the energy flow to accumulate while cleansing it. This creates the desired effect of an increasingly purifying flow of energy that increases its vibrational rate as it gathers momentum. The evil eye is thus transformed into an angelic contemplation.

The full effects of doing this simple technique are so numerous and so profound that it would be a punishable crime in some societies to try to explain them in any spoken language. Try it, and write to us with your observations, comments, questions, or gossip.

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