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An Experience

At that moment all the surroundings around me began to fade into some sort of thin, transparent glass-like material. The sounds around me were also transformed; the sounds of the birds, the wind against the trees and the grass, the murmur and whispers of the people, the occasional airplane, even the words of our guide merged into -- or gave way to -- the single, most powerful, all-encompassing sound. Coming in beats (much like those of a heart), it seemed like terrible explosions of raw energy originating from the center of the Absolute were bombarding the phenomenal world, and they made everything vibrate -- like thunder, only infinitely more powerful. All which belonged at that moment to the physical world faded as it merged into an immense, brilliant, white background which seemed to grow out of the voidness behind the now transparent phenomena. It seemed to be pure light. Everything faded and kept on fading (or was the light growing and growing?) leaving only the light, as if some great, cosmic, planet sized camera taking our picture had activated its blinding flash. I felt as if I was in a dream; a dream where all phenomena was illusion, for everything around me -- the trees, the grass, the walls and roof of the house, the people and even the clouds and the blue sky, even Diana's eyes and face -- faded into what turned out to be the only reality in that eternal moment: the Clear Light.


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