The Bardo Training Center

of the Bay Area

The Bardo Training Center is dedicated to the Work,
which can only be accomplished after the veil is lifted,
and we are finally able to clearly see and act in the Bardo.

We can only do the Work when we are armed with knowledge.

The four parts of Reality,
which exist in every single moment,
Birth, Life , Death and the Bardo.

If you examine, you will discover
that you are already aware
of the missing part of Reality,
and that the so-called "Invisible World"
is only invisible because it's not being looked at,
but ignored and deliberately forgotten.

The Bardo state is going on all the time.
The Bardo is the world underlying the material world.
You can enter and leave the Bardo at any time.

The sure way to recognize the Bardo
is to never assume that you're not in it at this moment.
Always act as if you are in the Bardo
and your senses are deceiving you.

This message,
which you are perceiving as a Web Page
could it not be someone reading to you
through the dead body you just left?

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